plr audiobooks
plr audiobooks
ebooks with resell rights

Important: All eBooks and audiobooks presented in this collection are curated by expert-level content creators, professional ghostwriters, and reputable publishing agencies, ensuring a standard of the highest quality and professionalism.

This bundle comes with an unrestricted PLR license, giving you the freedom to customize and use it in any way that suits your needs.

reading pleasure with us
reading pleasure with us

Welcome to Ebook Prima

Your All-Access Pass to the Highest-Quality Digital Library

ebook prima bundle

Where Worlds Unfold and Dreams Take Flight

  • Unmatched Variety: With 250K+ eBooks and 2400+ audiobooks, this bundle provides a vast and diverse collection of knowledge and entertainment.
  • Reseller License: The inclusion of a reseller license means you can use the assets and potentially earn from them.
  • 3 Free Websites: Set up your website and start selling, never pay any monthly fees. Ready templates and lifetime hosting are included.
  • Step-by-step tutorial: We will guide you through how to set up your free website and start an eBook/audiobook reselling business.
  • Educational Value: With 12 courses included, this bundle is an invaluable resource for continuous learning and personal growth.

500+ Genres

+15 New items are added every week

reading pleasure with us

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Why is our product a Top Choice?

One bundle for all your devices

Bundle Ebooks

One bundle for all your devices

Our eBooks and audiobooks are available in various popular formats. You can enjoy them on your smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop or Kindle.

One bundle for all your devices

Bundle Ebooks

The Highest Quality

At Ebook Prima, we take pride in delivering the highest quality products to our readers and listeners. Each unit in our collection undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring you have access to well-written, professionally edited, and engaging works. We believe that exceptional storytelling should be at the core of every reading and listening experience, and our commitment to quality ensures that you'll enjoy every page you turn or chapter you listen.

One bundle for all your devices

Bundle Ebooks

Lifetime Access & Updates

We understand your passion for reading. We believe that every avid reader should have the freedom to explore an extensive collection of books without the burden of recurring payments. With our one-time payment model, you gain unlimited access to our vast library of over 250,000 high-quality eBooks and 2400+ audiobooks across more than 500 genres.

100% Legal

No copyright infringement

Let us be your

time and money-saving solution!

We empower individuals and businesses to learn, grow, and create opportunities. Join us on the path to accessible education and entrepreneurship.

ebook prima digital library

The eBook and audiobook bundle covers a wide range of fiction and non-fiction genres. Whether you're interested in education, business, career, literature, history, languages, or health, to name a few! Here you will find thousands of titles to choose from.

100% Legal, No Copyright Breach

Access thousands of items in one place

Read or Resell them as your own

PLR, MRR Licenses


Why Choose Us?

ebooks with resell rights

One bundle for all your devices

Our collection of eBooks and audiobooks is designed to be accessible across a wide range of devices and platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy your reading experience seamlessly.

plr ebooks

Premium Quality

We meticulously curate our collection, subjecting each unit to a rigorous selection process. This process guarantees that our readers are granted access to works that are not only well-crafted but also professionally edited and captivating.

resell ebooks

Lifetime access

We understand your passion for reading. Our conviction is that every devoted reader should have the liberty to delve into a comprehensive array of books without the encumbrance of ongoing payments.

best quality ebook bundle

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Here's Why Ebook Prima is the Ultimate Destination for eBook Lovers


A Library Like No Other!

A Massive 250000+ eBook and 2400+ audiobook Bundle in 500+ Genres with Resell Rights


No Recurring Payments!

Unlock the Door to a World of Knowledge with a One-Time Payment!


Empowering You With Free Websites + templates!

Launch Your Online Bookstore with Ease and Absolutely FREE.

We go above and beyond to support your entrepreneurial dreams by providing 3 free websites. It has unprecedented value as we include tons of supreme features within it, such as:

  • Lifetime Hosting + Domains
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Builder
  • Blogs Building
  • Live Webinars
  • Course Creation Tools
  • 24/7 Support

That is a great, guaranteed start in establishing your online bookstore or any other online venture.

To show our commitment and care about your learning journey, we also offer a dozen free educational add-ons.

These bonuses are carefully selected to provide you with extra tools and resources.

15 Top-tier Bonuses to Master a Variety of Skills in 2024

The total estimated value is 1750$

One bundle for all your devices

12 Free Courses

wordpress video training course

Search Engine Optimization Full Course

8-module package

Age with grace training

Side Hustles Done Right in 2024

5-hour video course

Age with grace training

Forex and Trading Expert

Learn the Secrets of Forex Trading

Accelerated online buseness ebook

PLR Launch Live Masterclass

5-hour video course

Age with grace training

Age With Grace Training

All you need to know to age gracefully by protecting your brain, looks, and health

Accelerated online buseness ebook

Accelerated Online Business 2024

25-part Video Series

Accelerated online buseness ebook

Sports Nutrition Pro+

Learn everything about healthy nutrition

Accelerated online buseness ebook

Attitude Of Gratitude Upgrade Package

Learn The Life-Changing Power Of Gratitude

automated social media robots

Automated Social Media Robots

Grab this video course and start learning how to manage and grow your social media presence

Attitude of gratitude course training

Internet Marketing For Busy People

10 Comprehensive Training Videos

Attitude of gratitude course training

Sell Your Products with Etsy

20 Detailed, Step-by-Step videos

Amazon s 3 course

The Aweber Crash Course 4.0

3 Hours of Expert Guidance

avatar academy collection

AI For Productivity Upgrade Package

10-part Video Training Series

65000 fonts collection bonus

65 000+ Fonts Collection

It's here and now, the moment when you can get unlimited access to the cosmic 65 000+ fonts library. You'll never worry about where to find the next font for any of your projects.

9000000 plr articles bonus

9 000 000+ PLR articles

The motherlode of PLR articles - nine million in every category imaginable. This is the largest PLR collection ever put together. With reseller rights, you can use or sell it, as well as a total of 10 GB of incredible content.

music and video tracks

1000+ Music tracks & Videos

No need to spend time and money searching for quality music tracks or videos. With this royalty-free, immense media library, you can easily find the perfect content for any situation.

3000 hd images bonus

3000+ HQ royalty-free images

With thousands of stunning images in 150+ categories, you can find the perfect photo for any project. From breathtaking landscapes to scenes of everyday life, we have it all.

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Given the incredible value of the whole package, the price is about to increase soon

ebook bundle reseller license

Grab yours before it's gone!

Personal Bundle

70 000+ eBooks, 2400+ audiobooks - NO BONUSES

Free Websites

only 45$

Unlimited Package

250 000+ eBooks, 2400+ audiobooks + ALL BONUSES

Free Websites

Reseller License

Resell your Bundle + ALL BONUSES

Free Websites

only 97$

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Browse our most popular genres and titles

Our team is constantly working on improving the quality of the bundle and its expansion. Our goal is to make it as diverse and affordable as possible. New categories and items are added to the collection every week. It's hard to believe but the total value of the whole bundle (given the amount of assets it comprises) is way higher than its price.

P.S. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this unique, unprecedented opportunity. It won't last forever.

Customers who have already placed their trust in us:


We built trust by delivering quality. As a new company, we highly value every one of your feedback. Happy customers rely on us to help them make the most of their time.

We also place high importance on assisting each visitor or customer.

Delivered 500+ Bundles with a 97% 5-Star Approval Rate.

trusted by heralds
Ebook Prima team

Do You Want To Start a Highly-Profitable, Low-Investment Business With PLR, MLR eBooks and Audiobooks?

ebook prima reseller

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own business with minimal investment and the potential for high profits?

Ebook Prima offers a unique and revolutionary reselling program that allows you to tap into the ever-growing market of PLR, MLR eBooks and audiobooks and become a reseller.

Our low-cost reseller package lets you set up your online bookstore and earn lucrative profits by accessing our huge collection of quality eBooks and audiobooks with resell rights.

resell ebooks

No experience needed

Step-by-step tutorial

+ Additional reseller guides, tips

No recurring payments

Always updated

3 Free websites + Free Web Hosting + templates

The Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR) licenses have a huge potential to generate significant profits with low investments!

Instant access to the complete collection, support and guidance - this is what's on offer today!

Get an 8% Extra discount. Three Days Only. Use Code: early8

It's the only time our product is for such a low one-time payment!

It truly is a unique, unprecedented opportunity to empower and educate yourself or start a reselling business.

the biggest ebook bundle with reseller rightts

Huge Deal

personal ebook bundle

Personal Bundle

  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime access
  • All future updates
  • Only for personal use
  • 70 000+ eBooks
  • 2400+ Audiobooks
  • 3 Free Websites ( free domains & hosting forever)
  • Support 24/7

Today's Price: 45$

paypal secure payment on ebook prima

Super Value

ebooks bundle

Unlimited Package

  • All personal +
  • 250 000+ eBooks
  • All 15 BONUSES
  • 100+ GB of Data

Today's Price: 60$

paypal secure payment ebook prima ltd

Most Popular

ebooks with resell rights

Reseller License

  • All Unlimited +
  • Commercial use
  • Allowed to edit
  • Allowed to translate
  • Allowed to make audiobooks
  • Sell individually
  • Sell bundled
  • Sell unlimited times
  • Step-by-step guide

Limited offer: 97$

paypal secure payment ebook prima


How large is the entire an eBook and Audiobook bundle?

The size of the bundle is over 130 gigabytes (not including bonuses).

Are those PLR eBooks or MRR?

The Bundle comes with PLR eBooks if you buy a Reseller License. It allows you to modify, claim your ownership, and resell them as your own.

Can I sell items on Kindle or any other platform as my own? Given that requirement, I might be able to change the eBook cover. Is it possible?

Yes. With a reseller license, you are allowed to edit, translate, or even audio record eBooks. You can also publish them under your own name. We offer outstanding ebook reseller opportunities.

What is the format of the eBooks?

Most files are in PDF format. There are also some doc. files.

What's the format of Audiobooks?

The audiobooks presented in the collection are MP3 format.

What language(s) are the eBooks and audiobooks?

All items are in English.

Can the downloaded eBooks be saved?

Absolutely. You can download and save any file.

Is this the final package? Will be there any eBooks added to the bundle in the future, or it has a set amount of eBooks?

We do add new eBooks to the bundle every week to keep it updated.

Do you include a website to sell items?

Yes, we offer 3 free websites with the bundle ( + Lifetime Free hosting) which is unprecedented. We provide valuable guides, they are included in the bundle. They will help you create a website on your own and write a lucrative sales copy.

Our company can also create a brand, build a custom, professional website for you. The terms could be negotiated.

How can i resell the collection? Do i need to have a website? How does this actually work?

You can start selling immediately to your existing customer list, or on your own website. With a reseller license, you are allowed to sell all eBooks on Amazon or any other platform. We recommend editing eBooks and publishing them with new titles and covers under your own name. You are allowed to edit, translate, merge, divide, reformat, or audio record all the items.

You can edit and claim authorship. However, you need to edit the contents of the eBooks as well as the covers and titles. You are allowed to resell all eBooks with your own pricing on any platform, individually or in bundles. No one but you keep 100% of the profit.

You can download eBooks and upload them to your website or share links to our drive with your customers.

Can these books be read in a Kindle Paperwhite?

Yes, as most of eBooks are in PDF format.

Don't miss other great additions to your collection!

Smarter brain better life video course

Train Your Brain. Complete Training.

Take a look at one of our products on how to train brain, increase IQ, focus and creativity!

Bundle on coaching

3-item Coaching Bundle!

Gain Access to Our Coaching Resource Bundle, including extensive video training, 6 hours of teaching practice, tips, updates and new methods of getting more clients. All in one Bundle.

Get Access to Demo Content

A handpicked selection of eBooks tailored for you

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